Work with your organization on a short or long term basis with a unique practitioner-mentor combination approach, building on your strengths. Apply your vision and unique selling proposition to a customer experience context, help empower or build your team, define project strategies and ensure alignment with your goals and metrics set for a successful practice.


  • Customer inclusive design makes business sense
  • A systematic approach to customer inclusive design ensures product success
  • A combination creative and analytical approach sees success in customer experience
  • Every organization has its unique strengths that must be capitalized when building
       or re-building a customer experience practice

  • Engagement

    Work with your management to set up a quality customer experience practice and team if that is what you need. Collaborate with your practice leads, customer service and sales to institutionalize customer experience in your organization. Work with your product or project and design into it a quality user experience if that is your need.

    Benefits to you

    A holistic business and organization that will yield higher returns over the long term.