Jhumkee is an independent human centered design consultant based in Pune, India. Her diverse experiences working in the US and India have covered technical, consulting, research and project leadership positions at Fortune 500 companies. She has been a consultant, entrepreneur, researcher and writer as well as a teacher and mentor both in industry and academia. Her strengths are the strategic assessment and implementation of human centered initiatives in various industry segments. She has been consulting to organizations in offshore usability as well as service providers initiating customer experience services for the Indian market, from small startups to large MNCs, and also those with interest in research and projects for the emerging market. She founded the User Experience practice at Persistent System and also initiated there ‘usability in e-governance’, a community initiative for Pune city government in which she led and realized four projects.

Jhumkee brings the unique balance of perspectives between India and the west, analysis and creative design, research and practice and industry and academia. As Principal Consultant, User In Design, her role is to advise the establishment or enhancement of people centered design services as a revenue-generating practice and to guide design and research strategy. She has many thought-leading research papers, articles, considerable press coverage and three awards to her credit. She is also a presenter at national and international forums.

Jhumkee is a faculty in the Design Program at IIT Kanpur where she teaches post-graduate design students a course that she conceptualized and created on Human Centered Design. She previously taught at the National Institute of Design and at Maeer's MIT School of Design. She has taught internationally and nationally in corporate settings as well. She is a certified instructor for LUMA Institute and previously taught for the Nielsen Norman group. She has also conceptualized and launched a design workshop teaching design to rural students. Her research interests are in design for the emerging market, design education and offshore user experience. 

In the middle years of her career, Jhumkee pursued her passion for children, researching the best of the east and west in education. She then launched and successfully ran SPARKLES, an educational enrichment center now running successfully as multiple centers. She also pioneered there the concept of quality day care. For more on Jhumkee in this career, click here.